Slight Professional Pivot to Consulting CTO

Posted on May 24, 2015

I've been consulting full-time for about five years now and part time for much longer. One pattern that's been happening for the past two years is that I'm hired to be a senior developer but ultimately end up basically mentoring and managing the development team, in addition to coding.

While I enjoy this work, I think it makes sense to be honest with myself and my clients by starting to pitch myself for what I effectively am: a Consulting CTO.

It makes sense, though. I've worked for over two dozen early-stage companies. I like working for early-stage companies and few early-stage companies really have sufficient technical leadership. Having a technical ally means being able to vet and hire a technical team, being able to pitch investors with a confident technical strategy, and ultimately it means creating a better product.

So while it's super tough to find a technical co-founder in today's landscape, it's not as hard to find a technical ally. And that technical ally can be me.

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