Featured on "Thee Rant" Police Forum

Posted on April 22, 2014

You can't make this shit up. Apparently I was the subject of a rant on a police forum.

Very professional, guys. Real virtuous pillars of the community.

I get that you can't always park legally if there's an emergency but I constantly see COPs pull up in the middle of the road, saunter out with lunch, and chat with their buddies. You don't get to endanger the public for no good reason just because you wear blue.

I've walked into the precinct twice, in person, and asked them to find actual legal parking spots. Often there are parking spots right in front of the station. I am an assertive person who's not afraid to show my face to bullies.

When Bill DeBlasio became mayor he held a press conference that the NYPD would no longer "break the law to enforce the law". So I sent him this tweet:

And that's what instigated this crazy thread, I guess.

The originator of the thread has not responded to my messages.

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