What Would Libertarian Socialism Look Like?

Posted on December 11, 2012

Someone recently asked on the Libertarian Socialism sub-reddit about what a Libertarian Socialist society would look like and how we would provide for everyone' needs. The idea of Libertarian Socialism is confusing for some people, so I wrote a response to describe how I see it:

Everyone can't provide for everyone's needs but people can agree to provide for each other's needs. It would have to be ad-hoc, freely organized cooperatives. So naturally there would be people who would either be excluded or would exclude themselves from the cooperatives. The idea is, I think, that people with mutual self-interest would form cooperatives and organize themselves according to their unique needs. You can't anticipate how those cooperatives might work because they'll be very different. Some people (Right Libertarians?) would decide to go it alone, though, and potentially some people would experience some discrimination from the more 'normal' cooperatives. That's unfortunately part of the freedom to choose what to do and who to do it with, but hopefully less 'normal' people would be able to find enough common interests with other less 'normal' people to create their own cooperatives and reduce their risk.

In summary - I see Libertarian Socialism as a personal choice on top of Libertarianism. Libertarianism provides the freedom to choose to organize or not, while Socialism is one way to go about organizing.

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