The Best Coffee in Vancouver

Posted on September 07, 2012

I'm a relatively hardcore coffee drinker. I grew up in a coffee-loving family and spent a ton of time hanging out in coffee shops throughout my 20s. Then I married my wife, who has spent most of her working life in specialty coffee. During our marriage Sheryl's worked for Kopplin's Coffee, Ritual Roasters, Blue Bottle, and Revolver Coffee. I got to drink a lot of amazing brew.

We're up in here Vancouver for a year while Sheryl goes to school for fashion design at Blanche MacDonald. I've been doing freelance web development mostly spent in coffee shops.

On a recent road trip I got to talking about my coffee preferences and what shops I like the most in Vancouver. I came up with this list.

The Best Coffee in Vancouver, BC

Best Espresso

  1. Kafka's Coffee
  2. 49th Parallel Roasters
  3. Revolver Coffee
  4. Bump 'n Grind
  5. Matchstick

Kafka's espresso is consistent and tasty alone and with milk. They like to pull ristretto there, which has its pros and cons, but they do it well. Aaron in particular does really good work. I don't think he's pulled me a bad shot yet. 49th Parallel is a very close second. If you're craving a macchiato you should definitely try 49th's with their extra milkfat milk.

Best Drip/Press

  1. Bump 'n Grind
  2. Revolver Coffee
  3. Kafka's Coffee
  4. Matchstick
  5. 49th Parallel Roasters

Bump n' Grind is a super underrated shop in the Vancouver scene. I love their coffees largely because they carry some stranger coffees from Fernwood and Social. I've had some of my favorite dry process coffees there with some wild, funky flavors that I love but that might turn off coffee snobs who like their brew balanced and savory. Bump 'n Grind also leverages Clover and Aeropress brew methods - two of my favorites. Revolver is an obvious choice as well with a wide range of coffees from Canada and the States, a knowlegable staff, and plenty of brew methods to choose from.

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