The Unspoken Policies of the Obama Administration

Posted on May 12, 2012

  • massive increases in domestic and foreign spying, incuding FBI backdoors into most private communications
  • illegal drone strikes in Pakistan killing dozens of innocent civilians despite their government not condoning our actions
  • assassination of US citizens without trial
  • the indefinite continuation of Guantanamo bay
  • privacy/freedom on the Internet-destroying regulation (SOPA)
  • massive increase in prosecution of whistleblowers and dissidents, often without proper trials
  • indefinite detention of US citizens without trial (NDAA)
  • bailouts of corporations with taxpayer money
  • sanctions of countries we should probably be talking with including Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela

Ironically there are people who support these policies but they aren't Obama supporters.

Obama's supporters only listen to what he says but don't consider what he does.

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