Thoughts on a Prejudiced Ad

Posted on March 29, 2012

I saw this ad today and I wrote a response to it.

Prejudiced ad about racism

My Response:

It's important to recognize that while racism might be something we condemn or even demean, it's a concept and a property that people can have. Individuals may or may not have the property of being "racist" and they may or may not persist in having the property "racist" as they grow and evolve as individuals. Condemning or demeaning the people instead of the property of the person is like shooting the messenger. If we truly believe being "not racist" to be a more evolved property than being "racist", then demeaning it is somewhat like telling a kid who's still learning to draw that his drawings suck.

That's the way I see it. Racists are still learning how make judgements on a more nuanced level. While it's OK to say "that's wrong", we need to understand that we are are told "that's wrong" about many things throughout our development. That doesn't make anybody stupid, particularly if they can adapt to address the criticisms.

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