Watchmen Weekend and American Propaganda in Theaters

Posted on July 10, 2007

My company (for another 21 days) sponsored an outing to go see Watchmen on Friday. I thought it was pretty awesome. I would say, perhaps, an 8 out of 10. It asked excellent questions, has genuine character development, a decent storyline, and impressive directing. Not perfect - some of the actors fell short and there were moments when it seemed to drag a bit. But I liked it so much I went to see it again that night with Sheryl.

Both times there were paid advertisements before the movie. Several of them were for the military and, man, I haven't seen such blatant propaganda campaigns in person before. One of them is a 'music video' by Kid Rock dedicated to American 'warriors'. It implies that we're all warriors - citizens, athletes, and soldiers. Shows tanks and armored humvees rolling down hills with middle-eastern children cheering them on - interspliced with images of NASCAR.

Some lyrics for you:

\tSo Dont Tell Me Who's Wrong And Right When Liberty Starts Slipping Away

Isn't that the ideal time to figure out who's wrong and right??

\tAnd If You Aint Gonna Fight Get Out Of The Way


\tCuz Freedom Aint So Free When You Breathe Red White And Blue I'm Givin' All Of Myself Cuz Thats What I Do

Freedom ain't so free when you breathe red, white, and blue? Freedom is innate. The founders understood this. (translation: keep paying your taxes and slave-waging)

\tAnd They Call Me Warrior
\tThey Call Me Loyalty
\tThey Call Me Ready To Provide Relief And Help I'm Wherever You Need Me To Be

I'm whatever "you" (presumably the people in power) need me to be?

\tI'm an American Warrior

Um. Are my taxdollars are paying Kid Rock to write this shit or did he 'donate' this? I'm not going to link to it. If you want to see it I'm so it's all over the place.

Also shocking were ads for the Marines and other branches of the military that showed battalions marching and flipping guns around through US cities. I couldn't believe it. I seriously wonder whether the intent is to get the population accustomed to the idea of soldiers occupying US cities. Or at least get the new recruits thinking it's cool so they won't put up a fuss if it ever comes to that.

I can't believe what's going on and so few I know people see it for what it is. Sure, many kids laughed at it. My dad laughed when I described it. But this is the ideological face of American hegemony and it's disturbing as hell. We've come a long way from Bruce Springsteen. Born in the USA was my favorite song when I was 4ish. \t

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