I don't support anyone in the Presidential race...

Posted on September 08, 2008

No sooner had I posted that I officially made the switch to supporting Ron Paul (from Mike Gravel) then I hear that he's suspending his Presidential campaign in support of his Campaign for Liberty (which I think is a great idea).

But this begs the question - who will I support for President?  I cannot support Obama with his obscene economic ideas, subtle kowtowing to the Military Inustrial Complex, and unconditional support for Israel (what the hell? we shouldn't have unconditional support for anyone).

Nader is too much of a lawyer.  Why isn't he running for the Senate? 

McCain thinks Habeas Corpus is a privilege, not a right and unilaterally supports continued American imperialism. 

I will either write-in Gravel or not vote. 

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