Regarding Further Involvement in Afghanistan

Posted on December 03, 2009

I had an exchange with a friend here on FB and I think it merits sharing with others in my network.

Afghanistan was messed up before we got there thanks to the Soviets. And then we made it worse by hiring Osama and his cronies because we had an ideological ax to grind. That part of the world needs to sort itself out and become self-reliant. We can't and shouldn't be the world-police. An analogy: if someone is unstable and every time you interject they respond poorly and end up stabbing you in the back, how is it responsible to continue to assume you can 'fix' them.

It's not mired in mystery as some would have us believe. The explicitly stated reason for the terrorism that is emitted from that region is because of our constant meddling in their affairs and our general disrespect.  I don't know why people in the States are so confused about this.  It is the reason they give for attacking us.

Of COURSE escalation will cause escalation. For the minority oligarchy that is invested in the war industry it's a great thing. For the thousands of young Americans willing to die for battling an abstract concept custom-made by the oligarchy, it's not so great. They leave all excited and ready to rock only to come back confused with PTSD and missing limbs....

It's bullshit. The purely physical evidence (money, bodies) against this decision is overwhelming.

Don't trust leave dates. The CIA will continue fucking with the country for years to come even if the troop presence is "gone". Just like in Iran and Iraq. Oh, and as long whatever government we leave behind is US friendly, they'll have to sign themselves over to being a US base of operations for us to leave them alone. We have our little bases all over the place. Just because a state of war will become publicly undefined does not mean we won't have our fingers in the pie.

We have no partners for this war.  We don't have the troops.  We don't have the money.  We don't have the resolve.  This is a wishy-washy position.  The US does war well when there's no doubt about the values behind it, like World War II.

My basic arguments:

1. The argument that more troops can fix a country is bullshit.  Troops are trained to kill and supress.

2. The cause of our conflict with the region is our unnecessary and presumptuous involvement.  How, then, will further presumptuous involvement help?

Obama is using the fear card JUST LIKE BUSH DID in saying "it is from here that new attacks are being plotted as I speak."  Who the fuck cares?  Attacks are being plotted everywhere.  The US has attack contingency plans for the invasion of just about every major country on the planet in their war books.

If Obama has actionable intelligence that an attack is imminent and it isn't a BOLDFACE LIE as it has been in the past, disclose it.  Otherwise cut this vague 'national security' crap.

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