Swrve Biking Jeans Review

Posted on June 10, 2011

Around six months ago I decided to take the plunge and buy some jeans specifically made for biking. I was tired of the massive holes the the crotches of my Levis that obviously were not up to the task. I ride probably around 12 miles a day - not a ton but I would say on the high end for riding in jeans. Over 30 miles and I prefer switching to something with more padding.

My wife, who's a big fashion and clothing nerd, suggested I look at Swrve. I noted that Push Bike here in San Francisco carries Swrve, so I stopped in. They didn't have any in stock but were happy to order a small selection for me to try on. Yay!

Once the jeans were in I picked up a pair of 33/34 'Trim Fit' indigo jeans. They came to $90 after my San Francisco Bike Coalition discount. They have a lot of really cool details that make them a pleasure to wear:

  • low waist in front to prevent your belt from digging into your gut
  • higher waist in back to stay respectable and to keep you warm
  • articulated knees for a better fit on a bike or barstool
  • seamless gusseted crotch for comfort
  • back pockets fit a mini U-lock
  • cell phone pocket on side to stay connected
  • reflective strip on inside right leg that is exposed when you roll up your cuff
  • high quality YKK metal zipper
  • rivets to make them more durable
  • stylish trim fit for everyday use

I also very much prefer to support US-made goods, so a big plus that they're made here.

Six months of riding in them and I can say that they're comfortable and are the best pants I've worn for biking. I am fond of 3/4 length knickers, but they are a different animal altogether (and I would love to try Swrve's knickers, actually). No sign of the dreaded crotch wear. I've gone ahead and picked up a second pair of the Swrve jeans, this time in 32/34 because I've lost a bit of the 'tech startup belly' that I've earned from long hours in front of computers.

The cut is a little unconventional because they're tailored for ease-of-movement (especially around the knees). But, I've even gotten some compliments when wearing them so I'm not gonna worry about it.

So congrats to Swrve for reinventing a classic! It's been inspiring to decide to orient my wardrobe around biking.

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