Diamante K Hotel in Tulum Review - Water Damage and Mold

Posted on March 25, 2018

I originally posted this review on Trip Advisor, where it lived for a month or so. I've always heard that Trip Advisor is a sham of a site and, indeed, Diamante K had TA remove the review. So I'm posting it here for search engines to pick up. (sounds like we need an immutable public blockchain of travel reviews)

We got into Tulum in the middle of January. It was supposed to be the dry season, but the forecast was rain straight through the week. We had booked one of the larger spaces at Diamante K with a king bed. It was pouring when we arrived and one guest at the check-in desk was visibly upset about something. After he was helped, we were shown to our room.

The room was very small - only comfortable for one person. The bed was maybe a double? It was clearly not what we paid for. More significantly, the floor was full of water. There was a sizable puddle in the corner and water was flowing from the palapa ceiling, down the walls (near electrical cords, etc, no less). The bed was soaked with water. There were dirty towels on the floor and no toilet paper. I suspect that the angry guest before us had abandoned the unit we were given.

Watch this video:

Diamante K dirty room Diamante K leaky roof Diamante K sketch electrical Diamante K moldy palapa roof leak

We had arrived late, so we were somewhat disoriented. The grounds are super confusing and maze-like. We decided to grab dinner at the restaurant, which was pretty good. After dinner the rain intensified and we noticed that the roof and walls of our space was covered in mold. I am allergic to mold, so staying in that room for a even a night would have been medically inadvisable and the week was straight rain.

The instructions in the room suggested that in case of emergency we contact the front desk via What's App. I did so. I also left a message at the front desk number. I did not receive a response. We walked to the desk and found that it was deserted.

Diamante K empty front desk

We abandoned Diamante K for the night (we thankfully had decided to rent a car when we saw the forecast) and booked a last-minute room in town, which was deliciously dry.

Now, Diamante K has a supposedly no-refund policy. They have a laundry list of things that you "agree" to when you stay there. In the morning we got in touch with the fella in charge and demanded a refund. Diamante K was not apologetic about the water issues and kinda shrugged our issues off. It is "eco tourism" after all, so they expect you to be OK being one with the elements, I suppose. They did, however, concede to a full refund. After receiving the refund he explained that the palapa roofs only last about four years and that many were due to be replaced. I suppose they were not expecting rain in the dry season and perhaps had put it off. In any event, it is apparent that many of the units have significant, chronic water issues.

Eco-tourism is often used as a cover to provide cheap accommodations at inflated prices.

We ultimately ended up staying at Dune for the rest of our trip. They have concrete roofs.

Recently a family died from asphyxiation in Tulum from what is obviously a significant problem with construction standards in the Tulum area. Be careful. Our particular accommodations, however, provided entirely too much in the way of ventilation 😜

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