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I started coding over two decades ago on an IBM 8088 clone and an Apple II. Since then I've worked with over two dozen start-ups throughout North America. including companies based in San Francisco, Vancouver, New Hampshire, New York City, Portland, and Seattle.

I work with companies that do not have sufficient in-house expertise by acting as their techncial ally during their startup and growth phases. This generally includes:

  • Finding, vetting, and hiring the best talent possible.
  • Creating strategies and timelines for supporting business goals with technology.
  • Establishing a culture of quality, integrity, and communication.
  • Coding core infrastructure that is scalable and maintainable.

While most organizations would love an in-house technical founder, good technical allies are tricky to find and challenging to vet. Having an experienced technical ally makes it substantially easier to secure funding, launch a product, and establish a solid foundation for growth that includes qualified, in-house staff.

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"Dan has been an incredible asset to our small team. He's capable of jumping in anywhere in the stack. He can take on big challenges but doesn't have an ego to prevent him from doing the more menial areas of work when necessary. Beyond his skills, Dan's other trait that makes him stand above the crowd is his reliability. If you're lucky enough to attract Dan to your project you can relax knowing you can count on him to be there through it all."

- Malcolm Fontier of BikeMinds

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