Bike Lanes are Transportation Apartheid

Posted on July 26, 2014

I in no way mean to diminish actual racial apartheid, but I realized yesterday that there are huge parallels to the struggles of cyclists.

You "give" us a 3ft. strip of the road we already had "for our own safety". But you still park in it. You still turn into it. You still drive in it. You put your garbage in it. No! Just no!

We had the whole road before and now we have none of it.

Yesterday I was biking on my cargo bike down a street with bike "chevrons". I was using the full lane because the bike is large, as I can with the chevrons, going the same speed as traffic. But, as usual, motorists were honking at me even though I was in no way slowing them down or in their way. Motorsts just want cyclists gone.

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